Movie Club: Lovers of the Arctic Circle

This week’s movie options were the same as the previous week:

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World Zombie Day 2017

If you were in central London this Saturday you may have come across zombies walking around in the streets. Hopefully, you didn’t get scared, as these were not real zombies but everyday people dressed like zombies celebrating the World Zombie Day. Being a fan of zombies myself, I couldn’t miss out on this event, where I went dressed like a zombie student. Didn’t really spent much time on my costume and makeup, as I thought that it was ok, but after seeing the other zombies I regretted it! Some people were over the top, they looked like real zombies, like the apocalypse has arrived!

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Destination: Lisbon

As summer is now officially over (for us Greek people September is still summer!), I thought of writing a #tbt post about my summer holidays in Lisbon. Apart from visiting Paros this summer, I also went to Lisbon with my boyfriend. We went for five days in the beginning of July and we stayed in a nice hostel in the beautiful neighbourhood of ‘Bairro Alto’, which means ‘Old Town’. Its narrow,  stone pebbled streets and the scenic buildings with the traditional tiles make it the most famous neighbourhood of Lisbon. We had such an amazing time there, I fell in love with the city and I can now say for sure that it is my number one European city (among London, Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, Budapest, Frankfurt, Milan, Athens and Odense).

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Movie Club: Little England

I think that everyone who works in an office is jealous of the Google offices! Our office is not even close to Google’s, but still, it is amazing! We have a bean bag, a cork board with funny pictures pinned, colourful bunting flags, a small popcorn maker for the microwave and of course a projector! Its main use is for screen sharing during meetings, but we also use it to watch movies after work. And because we can do that we thought of founding a movie club where colleagues can come together after work and share a movie experience!

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I want to believe

When I first heard that they are going to release a new season of X-Files I got soooo excited! X-Files was my favourite series as a kid, I used to watch it late at night on TV, usually with my cousin Konstantina, even though we weren’t allowed to watch it, ’cause we got really scared and couldn’t sleep!

So, before watching the new season (season 10), I told myself that I need to catch up with the old ones, remember what has happened so far, all the details about the alien conspiracy and also remember how things were between Mulder and Scully. Did they end up together?

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