What I have been cooking during the lockdown

Three months and counting… This is how long I have been inside my apartment. Apart from some walks to the parks nearby and some others to shops for groceries, my life involves around work, books, movies, series and cooking. Since a lot of time was saved by no longer having to commute to work, I decided to elaborate on dishes that were a bit more difficult to make or that would require more time.

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8 books from my ‘Read’ list (part 1)

Following on my previous post on books I read in 2017, here is what I read in 2018, which is like almost two years ago! I know, it is quite some time but still, I want to keep up with what I started. I will not mention all the books I read, just the ones that stood out to me and which I recommend reading. According to my Goodreads ‘Read’ list, in 2018 I read 15 books, which is not that big of number if you consider that some people read like 100 in a year! How can they read so many books? Too many books, so little time, annoying!

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Series I am watching (and have watched)

According to my app, I have spent five months and 29 days (and 18 hours but who’s counting) watching series! Do you think this is too much? I think it is an OK number considering the months I’ve been alive. My boyfriend doesn’t trust my judgement on which series are worth watching cause he says that I am watching whatever is out there, which may be true, however, I have split them into two big categories: Series that require your attention and are worth recommending and series that you can watch in the background while doing something else, which I wouldn’t recommend.

And the total number of TV shows that I have watched is 119!

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