Movie under the stars (and the rain!)

Weather in London can be quite tricky, you never know when it’s going to rain! Τhe predictions cannot be trusted, one moment it may say that it’s going to be sunny, and another that it’s gonna rain like hell! And this is what happened last Friday.

My friends and I were all happy to go to an outdoor cinema event in Bishop’s park to watch the movie ‘10 things I hate about you‘. So, I checked the weather and it was saying that it’s not going to rain, so I put on a shirt, my jeans and my sandals. I also took with me my jean jacket, just in case! We arrived at the park early to reserve a nice spot and we noticed that there were so many people already there, some of them fully equipped with yoga mats, inflatable pillows, portable chairs and food. We, on the other hand, had only taken with us two blankets to sit on. So, we went to the local store to get some snacks to eat while watching the movie and sat on our blankets to wait for the movie to start. Oh, forgot to mention that I had also taken with me my waterproof jacket, but not because I thought it’s gonna rain, but to put it underneath the blanket so that it doesn’t get damp from the grass.

As time was passing, the weather was getting a little bit chilly and I started feeling a little bit cold so I wore my jean jacket, but still my feet were cold. And then I thought of texting our housemate Dan, who hadn’t arrived yet, just in case he was still in the house, and told him to bring some hoodies and socks. Thank God he was still in the house, however he didn’t save the day, maybe semi-saved it! When the movie started it started raining too! In the beginning just a little bit but after a while it started pouring down on us. So, I wore my waterproof jacket and tried to stay as dry as I could, without any success though, since the blankets got soaked, and by the time the movie finished, we were completely wet! At some point I couldn’t even watch the movie ’cause my glasses were full of raindrops!

About the movie, don’t have much to say, I am sure you have watched it! It was such a classic movie when I was a teenager, I think all the girls were in love with Heath Ledger. If you haven’t, I don’t think watching it now is a good idea, unless you are a teenager, but still I don’t know how you’ll be able to relate. It was completely different times back then, no mobile phones and social media, no Tinder, people were actually interacting  with each other. Which boy now would go into so much trouble just to date one girl?




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