Eggplant and potato pie (Akis #1)

I really love pies, mostly eating them, sometimes making them too! All kind of pies, cheese pies, spinach pies, mushrooms pies and so on, as long as they are vegetarian. Especially the ones with home made fyllo pastry, yummy! One day that I had some free time, I thought of making something I haven’t made before, so I visited the website of my favorite Greek chef Akis Petretzikis and searched for recipes under the category ‘Savory pies and tarts’. And from all the options available I chose the ‘Eggplant and potato pie‘, because I really like eggplants! And I also liked the picture!

So, I wrote down all the ingredients needed and hurried myself to the store. If you want to make this pie, please make sure you get eggs and poppy seeds as well, because they are not mentioned in the ingredients list on the right. I was lucky and had some eggs in the fridge, but didn’t have poppy seeds, so I improvised and put some sesame seeds. Also, thyme is a really strong herb, so if you are not such a big fan, like me, you can put a little bit less. I put as much as it was mentioned in the recipe, but it was strong for me, so next time I will put less. And finally, for the cheese, I used mature cheddar.

The outcome was amazing, soooo tasty (apart from the strong thyme)! I totally recommend you making it, since apart from being a really tasty pie, it is also presented in a really cool way, looking like a strudel. In the English version of the recipe there isn’t a video showing how to do the strudel effect, but if you change the language to Greek, there is a video available (minute 5.15).

About the chef, I think he is really original, his recipes have something, let’s say unique. I have made other recipes of his in the past and all of them were amazing! And the website offers a good user experience, all the recipes are categorised, which makes it easy to find what you are looking for (vegetarian, gluten free etc.)!


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