Books I read in 2017, part 1

Ever since I was a little girl I loved reading books, children’s books, fantasy ones and then when I started growing up detective and mystery novels! My favorite detective stories were by Agatha Christie, my mum’s favorite writer. I think my mum is the one responsible for my loving of books, she is always with a book in her hands! She even has a ‘system’ of her own on finding out if she likes a book, she reads the first pages, then some in the middle and then the end and she can tell you if it is worth reading! One day my cousin Christina saw my mum reading a book, she had just started reading it, and after some hours of being away she saw her having reached the end and she thought “Oh, she reads so fast!”, but then she found out about her ‘system’ and was surprised! I was also surprised, I mean, you can’t read a book like that! I am making fun of her every time she does that!

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