Eggplant and potato pie (Akis #1)

I really love pies, mostly eating them, sometimes making them too! All kind of pies, cheese pies, spinach pies, mushrooms pies and so on, as long as they are vegetarian. Especially the ones with home made fyllo pastry, yummy! One day that I had some free time, I thought of making something I haven’t made before, so I visited the website of my favorite Greek chef Akis Petretzikis and searched for recipes under the category ‘Savory pies and tarts’. And from all the options available I chose the ‘Eggplant and potato pie‘, because I really like eggplants! And I also liked the picture!

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My aunt’s beetroot salad

So, on Tuesday I made a really tasty and fresh salad with beetroots. It is a very traditional dish in Greece and I first ate it in a Christmas family dinner many years ago. My aunt Aspa made it and since then it occupies a space in our Christmas table. Even last Christmas (I didn’t give you my heart, don’t get excited!) that my mum and I were in Spain, we still got to eat it! We were invited in a Spanish family dinner and I thought of making it, so that we didn’t go empty-handed. And I made it and put as much garlic as I would if I was in Greece (we love garlic!), and my mum told me “Don’t put so much, they are not going to eat it!”, but I put! And they ate it!

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