World Zombie Day 2017

If you were in central London this Saturday you may have come across zombies walking around in the streets. Hopefully, you didn’t get scared, as these were not real zombies but everyday people dressed like zombies celebrating the World Zombie Day. Being a fan of zombies myself, I couldn’t miss out on this event, where I went dressed like a zombie student. Didn’t really spent much time on my costume and makeup, as I thought that it was ok, but after seeing the other zombies I regretted it! Some people were over the top, they looked like real zombies, like the apocalypse has arrived!

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My first 5K!

I have never run in my life and I always believed that I hate running. I was considering it boring and every time I saw someone running thought ‘How can he/she run? Isn’t he/she bored?’. I like exercising though, I really like going to the gym, where I mostly attend classes like circuits, boxfit and yoga, and I also like cycling. But running, no! Until one Friday afternoon, my friend Radu (btw Radu this is your second guest appearance in this blog!) asked my housemates and me in our Whats App group if we fancy joining him in the 5K Park Run on Saturday morning. Park Run is a weekly event happening in parks all over London, where people, guess what? Run! My housemates Claudia and Dan usually go with him in this event, but I had never joined them ’cause I had never run in my life. But that evening something happened. Something made me say ‘Why not? Why not try it and if I don’t like it I can say for sure that I actually hate running!’ So I answered YES and started preparing myself mentally for what I was about to experience!

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Into the woods

One of the things that England is famous for is its green hills and fertile lowlands, and what better to do on a Saturday than go hiking with friends to the English nature – comparing to the other things you can do in London on a Saturday 😛 ! My friend Radu was the one that originally organised this series of events a year ago, with Susana being his successor! I am proud to say that we now have 7 hikes under our belt, each one to a different part of the English countryside. We are more or less 15 regulars, from different parts of the world, making it a multi-cultural group of hikers.

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