Hiking in Peak District

Last Saturday my friends and I embarked on a journey to Peak District where we would spend the weekend hiking. We left London early in the morning and after four hours of driving, we reached our first destination, the Wetton Mill Farm close to the small village of Wetton. The plan was to do a small circular route since the weather was not on our side, it was a bit rainy and windy, and also we wanted to finish the route before it got dark. Luckily enough, we were equipped with hiking shoes and waterproof jackets and/or trousers, otherwise, we would be soaked and covered in mud!

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Destination: Lisbon

As summer is now officially over (for us Greek people September is still summer!), I thought of writing a #tbt post about my summer holidays in Lisbon. Apart from visiting Paros this summer, I also went to Lisbon with my boyfriend. We went for five days in the beginning of July and we stayed in a nice hostel in the beautiful neighbourhood of ‘Bairro Alto’, which means ‘Old Town’. Its narrow,  stone pebbled streets and the scenic buildings with the traditional tiles make it the most famous neighbourhood of Lisbon. We had such an amazing time there, I fell in love with the city and I can now say for sure that it is my number one European city (among London, Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, Budapest, Frankfurt, Milan, Athens and Odense).

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Destination: Paros

This year I’ve been to Paros for my summer holidays. I went with my Spanish friend Cirma and a Spanish friend of hers, whom I met for the first time there. The girls have never been in Greece before so I thought of going to Paros, as I consider it a typical Cycladic island, which combines really nice beaches and picturesque villages. It is also close to Athens (four hours with the boat) and not very big, you can see the whole island in 5-6 days. We arrived on a Saturday morning and we left on Thursday evening, which means that we had almost 6 full days to make the most out of it!

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