I want to believe

When I first heard that they are going to release a new season of X-Files I got soooo excited! X-Files was my favourite series as a kid, I used to watch it late at night on TV, usually with my cousin Konstantina, even though we weren’t allowed to watch it, ’cause we got really scared and couldn’t sleep!

So, before watching the new season (season 10), I told myself that I need to catch up with the old ones, remember what has happened so far, all the details about the alien conspiracy and also remember how things were between Mulder and Scully. Did they end up together?

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Chill with me…

So, I first heard this song in the opening credits of the series ‘Big Little Lies‘. I felt as if my mind was instantly cleared from all bad thoughts and felt so peaceful. It was not only the music though but also the beautiful shots that made my mind travel to beautiful beaches, forests, my village, me holding a mug of coffee and looking at the view from our balcony (such a nice view!). You can find the opening credits here (please let me know if you feel the same!).

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